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FAQs For Employees About COBRA Continuation Health Coverage
Group health coverage for COBRA participants is usually more expensive than . children under your state's Children's Health Insurance Program- call 1.877.

Know your COBRA rights |
Dec 22, 2009 . Continue your group health insurance after you lose your job. Whether you received a pink slip, resigned or have been cut down to part-time, .

COBRA Insurance - Information, Options & Savings - Health Insurance
Explore COBRA health insurance alternatives at eHealth & save up to hundreds of dollars per month on your health insurance coverage.


COBRA Health Insurance Alternatives
Compare COBRA health insurance alternatives at eHealthInsurance and you could save hundreds of dollars per month on your health insurance coverage.

COBRA Insurance - What is COBRA Insurance?
COBRA Insurance offers information and alternatives to traditional COBRA . the landmark Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) health .

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COBRA Health Insurance Continuation Premium Subsidy
Jan 31, 2012 . The Recovery Act established an employer-provided health insurance continuation subsidy for workers who involuntarily lost their jobs .,,id=204505,00.html

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COBRA Health Insurance
COBRA Medical Insurance and COBRA Insurance.

Health Insurance Continuation Rights - COBRA
With the high costs of medical care, maintaining health coverage is very important to most individuals and families. Illinois law does not require employers to .

COBRA Health Insurance - COBRA Insurance & Alternatives
Cobra insurance information and alternatives to COBRA health insurance. Compare plans with instant quotes and online applications. Member Better Business .

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 ...
You Might Still Be Eligible For Mini-COBRA Health Insurance Continuation," . "Another COBRA extension helps with health insurance".

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Don't Overpay for Expensive COBRA Health Insurance - Get Our ...
Unemployed and paying an arm and a leg for COBRA? Get our free assessment to save money on your health insurance plan.

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