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Any advice regarding alternatives to COBRA Health Insurance ...
Jan 5, 2007 . Any advice regarding alternatives to COBRA Health Insurance? I am presently using my former employer's group health insurance under .

COBRA Health Insurance Alternatives
Compare COBRA health insurance alternatives at eHealthInsurance and you could save hundreds of dollars per month on your health insurance coverage.

Alternatives to COBRA Health Insurance - Can I Find an Alternative ...
COBRA insurance offers you the ability to continue on your current employers insurance plan for up to eighteen months after you have terminated employment.


COBRA health insurance, COBRA alternatives, COBRA options ...
Understanding COBRA health insurance and COBRA alternatives. Compare COBRA and other health insurance options.

Affordable COBRA Alternative - VIPERŪ Health Insurance
Many individuals find themselves looking for an affordable COBRA alternative or temporary health insurance solution to protect them when health insurance .

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Search and Compare Alternatives to COBRA Health Insurance Plans
What is COBRA? COBRA is 1985 federal legislation that requires employers with more than 20 employees to allow employees that leave the company to .

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Is This an Alternative to COBRA - Featured Article - Workforce
Feb 17, 2009 . Is This an Alternative to COBRA. A new health insurance product called continuity insurance allows people to switch their insurance on and off .

Free Quotes COBRA Alternatives Health Insurance Options for MO ...
Talk Directly to an Expert about Affordable COBRA Alternatives and Health Insurance Options for Missouri and Metro East Illinois - Vincent K. Blair Agency.

COBRA -Alternative - Career Management & Networking ...
No Additional Cost Member Benefit: Short-Term Major Medical Health Insurance from Secure Med: An Affordable Alternative to COBRA. Quality Coverage at an . - COBRA and COBRA Alternative Health Insurance
The cost to continue your group health benefits after a job loss, layoff or a reduction in hours can be costly? The national average cost of employer- provided .

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Find Affordable COBRA Alternatives - WPS Health Insurance
Many people are surprised to learn that buying your own individual or family health insurance can be much cheaper than the typical COBRA payment.

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